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Network Print


You can print out the files you have registered via internet in advance on a Sharp Multi-Function Copier in a convenience store by using the Network Print Service. Simple 3 steps to use! 1. Register the file you want to print in the APP. (*Prior membership registration (free of charge) is needed.) 2. Go to a convenience store having Sharp Multi-Function Copier. 3. Select necessary number of copies to print.For details of usage, click here.
You can print on a Sharp Multi-Function Copier in the following convenience store in Japan. - CircleK Sunkus- Seicomart- Save on- FamilyMart- Lawson*The service may not be available in some stores.
Network Print Service allows you to;- register photos and print in L/2L size.- print ID photos, calendars and posters.- print Word/Excel®/Power Point/PDF files as well as photos.- register map image of travel destination and print.- share with everybody by using one account (flyer, pamphlet or free paper etc.)- resolve urgent print needs while on a business trip at the nearest convenience store.- print the hotel voucher or confirmation of reservation coupon quickly in Japan even though you forgot to bring them.
*Please see the web site of Network Print Service for more information.